MySQL data types cheat sheet

When developing a DB for a new app I always have to 're-decide' which column has what data type. Like what type should be file path field? Or what length VARCHAR should be for storing emails?

Inspired by a question, I'm gathering experience and (hopefully) best practices in the following table. Any comments or additions are more than welcome.

Column Data type Note
uuid CHAR(36) or CHAR(16) binary
title VARCHAR(255)  
full name VARCHAR(70)  
description TINYTEXT often may not be enough, use TEXT instead
post body TEXT  
email VARCHAR(255)  
url VARCHAR(2083) MySQL version < 5.0.3 - use TEXT
salt CHAR(x) randomly generated string, usually of fixed length (x)
digest (md5) CHAR(32)  
phone number VARCHAR(20)  
US zip code CHAR(5) Use CHAR(10) if you store extended codes
US/Canada p.code CHAR(6)  
file path VARCHAR(255)  
5-star rating DECIMAL(3,2) UNSIGNED
date (creation) DATE/DATETIME usually displayed as initial date of a post
date (tracking) TIMESTAMP can be used for tracking changes in a post
tags, categories TINYTEXT comma separated values *
status TINYINT(1) 1 – published, 0 – unpublished, … You can also use ENUM for human-readable values
json data JSON or LONGTEXT

There is also a similar cheat sheet for PostgreSQL data types.


Under continuous revision. You can see the history of commits for this page at Github.

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