PostgreSQL data types cheat sheet

If you have to quickly decide which data type to choose for a column (and there is a vast variety of Postgres data types), here are some hints.

This cheat sheet is a followup on my MySQL data types cheat sheet.

Column Data type Note
id (autoinc) SERIAL or INTEGER for more control
uuid UUID  
title VARCHAR(255) or TEXT
full name VARCHAR(70) or TEXT
gender ENUM
('Male', 'Female', 'Intersex', 'Transgender',
description TEXT  
post body TEXT  
email CITEXT or VARCHAR(255)
url VARCHAR(2083) or TEXT
salt CHAR(x) randomly generated string, usually of fixed length (x)
digest (md5) UUID ex.: md5('a string')::uuid
phone number VARCHAR(20)  
US zip code CHAR(5) Use CHAR(10) if you store extended codes
US/Canada p.code CHAR(6)  
file path VARCHAR(254) or TEXT
5-star rating NUMERIC(3,2)  
price NUMERIC(10,2)  
tags, categories ARRAY  
status ENUM ('published', 'unpublished', …)
json JSON PostgreSQL >= 9.3


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