My experience with Senecajs

I've known Senecajs and microservices for just a couple of months and got very excited about them. Seems like I'm a little bit closer to a perfect architecture for complex software

Having received a task - ‘to build a microservice’ - I started to dig what the term means and what tools there are to help develop one. Suddenly I felt that I am onto something big and beautiful.

First, I watched some videos and read the great (in some way definitive) article by Martin Fowler and then next week I’ve been building a decentralized system with Seneca as a home project.

Seneca may seem a bit immature at first glance but it actually is not. It has a versatile action patterns to route methods to. A Seneca microservice can easily be covered with tests. It has a straightforward storage mechanism (Active Record-like) and plugin system to abstract and organize the code.

I’ve yet to try Python frameworks to make a good comparison, but I really am happy with Senecajs!

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